Can’t Sit Still

There are times, like this weekend, where managing Kieran’s ADHD gets away from us.


This weekend it was because we ran out of medicine.

I thought, “It’s just one day.”

But then we said “yes” to the soda – sheesh.

And we said “yes” to the ice cream – he’s just a kid.

By the time we were on our two hour car home, he couldn’t keep the thoughts and music inside his head inside anymore.

By the time we attended the meeting about his being a “Kid Mover” at Vacation Bible School this summer, he couldn’t sit still.

He regretted drinking the soda.

He wished he would have brought his fidget cube – note, not a spinner. He feels this would be distract him too much.

We made sure to weigh him down that night with pillows and rolled blankets, to make him a nest (what he calls it), to make sure he felt snug and secure as he tried to calm down and fall to sleep.

He asked for extra patience in the morning, in getting ready, and extra help to keep his focus to get out the door on time.

This is not our first time making these mistakes.

It probably won’t be the last, especially as he likes to be medicine-free over the summer.

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