Cub Scouts Helped Too!


Scouts was also a great way to focus Kieran’s attention. It provided him with tangible steps to accomplish that were positively acknowledged (with the earning of badges).

It also provided he and his dad the opportunity to work together on activities.

They don’t always see eye-to-eye on things.

But through scouts, they completed tasks, built a pine run derby car, and spent time together camping, or at meetings.

In fact, many of the hands on activities that Kieran enjoyed during scouts will be those he seeks to do next year during Technology Student Association competition: dragster, flight, and structural engineering.

He found out what he liked to do and that he had talents through scouts.

He worked on self-control and responsibility.

He spent time learning how talented his dad is in many of the same areas.

There were many benefits to the time Kieran spent as a cub scout.

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