First Sleepover



Given Kieran’s “friend” situation in his new school, when he was invited to his first sleepover by a friend (twins actually) at his new school, we were very excited.

So was he.

We prepped him for what might happen at a sleepover.

We shared that he could call us if he needed to come home.

When 10 p.m. rolled around, we thought we were in the clear: great first sleepover experience in the books.

At 10:15, the boys’ mom called. Kieran wanted to come home.

When we were tucking him into his own bed for the night, I asked, “What happened?”

“They didn’t want to sleep. I kept moving my sleeping bag to different places in the house, to get away from the noise. They kept moving to where I was. Mom, if it’s a sleepover, when doesn’t anyone want to sleep there? Can I just sleep now, Mom?”

“You got it, buddy. Good night.”

He’s never attended another sleepover again.

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