Falling in Love (with Writing) in Second Grade

Kieran’s relationship with writing also improved in second grade, but for different reasons than it did for his brother.


Kieran had to trust his teacher so completely, that he would try anything she asked.

He had to learn that nothing he did would disappoint her, or cause her to “give up” on him.

Kieran had to steadily practice writing to build up his stamina, so that when he was asked to write for longer amounts of time, he would not be physically exhausted (Kieran’s handwriting is awful – he makes his letters bottom up, one letter at a time, each letter requiring at least two to three different strokes).

He found all of these wonderful qualities in his second grade teacher.

In fact, to this day, he will say, Mrs. Staub taught me to be a writer.

On the first day of class, she said to her group of students, “How did I get so lucky as to get all of the best kids in my class?”

That was it.

Kieran was mesmerized, hooked, and in love with everything Mrs. Staub did, said, taught, and asked.

He was never discouraged, even when he made a mistake, because Mrs. Staub believed in him, more than, at that time, he could believe in himself.

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