Mea Cutting it Up in Pre-K


While the boys were getting used to their new classes, Mea was back at school for the first time in about six months.

She is a social creature.

She loved pre-school. It was three mornings a week in the high school child development lab. All of the teachers were high school students studying to be pre-school or elementary teachers.

They sang.

They did art.

They played outside.

Mea was in her glory.

She is a well behaved child – mostly compliant.

But one day, she was not getting enough attention.

In her four year old way, she tried to tell her teacher/high school student as much.

Holding up a pair of scissors, Mea shared, “I’m going to cut your hair.”

The teacher replied, “Please don’t,” then turned back to work with another child.

Mea proceeded to cut her hair, as promised.

This young lady’s hair was poker straight. Mea took out a small, but quite noticable chunk from the back, right in the middle.

It was the day of mini-THON.

We, but especially this young lady, learned that Mea also likes attention and will do a great many things to get it.

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