Finally, an athlete!

nov 2012 009.JPG

Having coached about five sports during my first eleven years as a teacher, it was sad to see how much Liam and Kieran hated playing. Liam never moved beyond that first year of t-ball, which he did not enjoy.

Kieran thought soccer was boring. By the time he tried baseball, the other boys had already been playing for two to three years. Understandably, he didn’t much enjoy his bench time.

Then came Mea. She loves to move and run. My hopes were high.

She started with soccer. She understood how to play and asked to play for a few seasons.

Now she plays softball, basketball, tennis, and she runs.

With each sport, she works hard and has inherent talent. It helps her get playing time and positive feedback from coaches and her teammates.


I’ve coached most of her teams (at least assisted).

It’s the one thing that is consistently ours. No boys.

It’s something we enjoy together and can bond over.

Now if I can just get her to watch sports on TV, we’ll be set!

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