First Try at Medicine


The first try at medicine was in the late winter of Kieran’s second grade year.

The doctor agreed that he qualified and could use some support.

We started with a small dose of a medicine in the ritalin family.

We soon saw benefits: Kieran was able to focus on a task better. He got more done in a more timely manner. It no longer took him an hour to complete ten math problems (that were not hard for him in the first place). He was getting positive feedback and reported that he didn’t have all of the distractions to cloud his mind.

There were immediate drawbacks as well: He hardly ate. He would start with a huge breakfast, eat some lunch, and pick at his dinner. He didn’t fall to sleep easily. This was a problem before too. It gave us good time to snuggle, to “calm down,” but sometimes I would fall to sleep before he would.

Eventually, the anger came. He would become extremely agitated and frustrated by the littlest thing. He stayed that way for a while. He was usually quieter at school, so the agitation mostly came out at home.

He also said that he felt he could not be as creative when he was on his medicine.

We ended the year well, overall; we gave him a break for the summer. We could tell after just two weeks that the medicine had been helping him focus.

It was good to take a break from all of the other aspects of this new way of life.

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