Words Spoken to a Mother’s Heart

At the end of the school year, this is what Liam’s teacher wrote on his report card:

IMG_0483 (2).jpg

Thank you for letting me know that I wasn’t the only one to see him this way.

Thank you for letting us know that our boy was special.

Thank you for sharing these words of encouragement and hope.


8 thoughts on “Words Spoken to a Mother’s Heart

  1. No words — just many tears. That is a mentor text for every teacher to read — he will always remember her as well. Assessment at its best!! Thank you for sharing – and job well done to you as well.

  2. What a special note from someone who must truly be a remarkable teacher. Sounds like both learned much throughout the school year.

  3. A beautiful note, Aileen. Wow! Liam’s teacher really knew him well. Your heart must have filled with pride and love. I hope his teachers continue to be this insightful and knowledgeable. I loved reading her note to Liam.

  4. I’m sure reading what Liam’s teacher wrote was music to your ears and brought tears. It had to be an amazing feeling to read how special Liam is to others as well.

  5. students can definitely make big impacts on teachers – and Liam must have had a place in her heart 🙂 glad he was so supported in his schooling and at home!

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