Growth Spurts


With Liam and Kieran, growing seems to have happened a little at a time. Our one friend joked that, with Liam, if we went into his room at night, we could probably hear his bones growing. As an 8th grader, he is 5’10”. Getting there was slow and steady.

With Mea, we’ve been caught at least three times now, one just this weekend, where, the growth seems to have happened overnight.

Each of these times, the day before, she’s fine fitting in (as was the case yesterday), a size 3 shoe. But when we finally get her to the shoe store, she needs a 4.5!

How does that happen?

Obviously, it’s not literal. Sometimes, we have been “forcing” her feet into a too small shoe (remember she doesn’t really complain about pain). Another explanation is that different shoes have different fits.

We always feel like terrible parents sitting in the store getting her shoes 1-2 sizes larger than she walked in with.

Keep watch!

While Liam is on the tall side, Kieran always measured taller than him (until we gave him medicine).

In comparison to the same year and measurement of the boys, Mea has always measured taller than both. We will see if this trend continues at the end of this month at her nine year checkup.

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