Moving Day

Today we move for the sixth time in our marriage.

House one was his bachelor pad – too far from our new life together and my work.

House two…. let’s just say we could hear EVERYTHING through the walls.

House three is where we welcomed Liam home. It was the church sexton’s house – Mike was the sexton. When he left that job, we left our home.

House four is where we stayed the longest. We welcomed both Kieran and Mea home here.

House five became our house when I took my new job. The kids have grown up here. They each had their own room. We enjoyed the spaciousness of this house. It was not peaceful here for many reasons.

House six we move in today. It is a smaller house – allowing me to pursue a job in higher education.

I hope this house brings us as many memories and joys as those that came before. I hope we will learn to call it home.


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