Not Really a Reader

Kieran Hower

In third grade, Kieran was a complicated reader.

He had a large vocabulary but was still reading mostly by memory.

He consistently chose books that were below grade level, because he was interested in them. They were funny. We never told him they were too easy or that he shouldn’t read them, but he was inadvertently avoiding moving into chapter books that would present more complex plots, primary and secondary characters, and use some literary devices, which is what he was starting to see (and avoid) at school.

While he loved graphic novels, beyond Frankie Pickle, there were not too many available to him (at the time).

There was no series he was particularly hooked on.

Of course, he wanted to read Harry Potter. I felt he was a bit too young to read it on his own. All other titles that I recommended, he would pick up and put back down.

He also developed a habit of having four or five books going at once. I read an online post that “helped” me not discourage this – but see it as just a different “style” or habit of reading. Not my own; not bad.

During this time, he would not have categorized himself as a reader. I was worried, because my husband is not a reader, that Kieran might not fall in love with reading like Liam had.

I worked hard to remind myself almost daily that my job was to not come on too strong, keep putting books into his hands, listen to what he was telling me about his taste in books and frustrations with reading, and support and guide him gently.

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