Special Opportunity


Prior to fifth grade, Liam’s math enrichment came in the form of pull-out math enrichment, pre-testing out of a unit and being able to learn through projects, or being given the opportunity to tutor in math.

These were all wonderful opportunities that stretched him as a learner.

In fifth grade, we were given an incredible option…

His elementary school was under construction, so the entire 5th grade moved to the middle school for this one year.

The district offered for Liam to take sixth-grade math, as he was in the same building. This class was an accelerated sixth and seventh-grade math course, which would allow him to take Algebra 1 as a sixth grader if all went well.

His team of teachers, from both schools, worked out the schedule so he would not miss much more than the math block in fifth grade, and could attend sixth-grade math each day.

It set him on a path of learning and maturing as a student that could not have been accomplished through other means.

While he excelled with the content, he learned to work more independently (in the sixth-grade classroom).

He worked in groups with older, more mature students. They were excellent social role models.

He learned how to interact and manage a middle school workload.

Because of what happened four years ago, Liam will be taking AP Calculus I and II as a freshman this year.

Because of his caring, dedicated, forward-thinking team of teachers, he has a future of rich and vast opportunities to learn how and what he loves.

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