Senses of Humor



Liam and his Dad have unique, but quite active senses of humor.

For both, physical comedy is hysterical. Even something as simple as Charlie Brown missing the football cracks them up:

For both, puns have them in stitches. I think it has something to do with the double meanings of words or the unexpected change in meaning that suits their brains.

This kids’ song (at the end),, will find Liam not able to talk for laughing.

For this reason, improv tickles Liam’s funny bone. In fifth grade, his seminar group put together an book trailer of Tuck Everlasting. This was one of Liam’s fondest memories from this year.

He worked with a group to write and perform scenes from the book. Previously, Liam would have avoided these activities: group work and writing/ acting creatively. Adding in humor and a bit of the unexpected changed his feelings.

He developed a new appreciation for collaboration and drama, thanks to humor.

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