Writing Concerns


Despite having successful writing experiences.

Despite being taught for the first time in true writing workshop format.

Despite heart maps and graphic organizers,

Liam still had meltdowns when asked to write.

Again, I was asked if he should take his high-stakes fifth grade writing test in a separate location.

Again, I declined, knowing that he would “figure things out.”

Again, he expressed that he was “scared” of on-demand writing –

What if he didn’t know about the topic?

What if he couldn’t come up with something to write about?

What if they didn’t like his topic?

Deep breath.

Visualize all of the great writing you have done this year.

Feel how it felt to be a real writer.

You know this isn’t a time when you can get upset – other kids need to concentrate too?

You know you are a good writer and if you enjoy your topic and write your best, you will have done a great job?

Okay, Mom. I will be brave.

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