Pet Whisperer


I was always a cat person, until I had children. Then I was a kid person. My once-in-a-lifetime cat was named Avery.

My husband was always a dog person. His once-in-a-lifetime dog was Heidi. He also raised goats, chickens, and ducks. He was an animal person, but now is not.

Liam is a cat person by default. He doesn’t care for animals, especially not dogs. They smell, they jump, they are too “in his face.” Because he is calm and never makes a sudden move, our cat, Mollie, has adopted him as “her person.” He pets her when he thinks of it.

Mea is a dog person. She doesn’t seem to like the cat much. She loves the dog but can be “too rough” with her. Thankfully, we have a hearty dog (picture above). Becca is very tolerant and has only snapped once the whole time she has been with us (we rescued her from a shelter in Alabama (with the help of a rescue organization)). She just had surgery when she snapped. It was just her way of telling us she was not happy.

Kieran however, is an every pet person. When we first moved here, we saw a turtle on the road. He wanted to stop “to rescue” it. When we drove back, it was gone.

He watched “Wild Kratts” and anything on Animal Planet faithfully.

One time he told me that I was looking at a picture of a Lemon Shark.

Me: There is no such thing as a lemon shark.

Kieran: Mom (sighs as he thrusts his phone in my face directing my attention to a lemon shark website).

Me: Oh, okay.

He loves our dog, our cat, just not our bugs.

Last night, we met a neighbor. Within about five minutes, a dog that the neighbor described as an extremely shy rescue was lying on her back, letting Kieran pet her belly. The boy that came with her was talking Kieran’s ear off.

When there is a pet (or a child in “need”), Kieran has all the patience in the world.

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