Picking up kids from camp:

I’m running late to pick up Jake. Ugh! No parking spots in the lot. The teachers must be having a meeting.

I’ll just pull over here onto the grass. It will just be for a few minutes until Jakey is dismissed.

Oh, there’s Kieran’s mom. That was so nice of Kieran to invite Ethan (older son) to his birthday party. He is so excited. Darn, we have to remember to shop for his gift. Oh, I have until Saturday.


Is Kieran coming to book club tonight? Ethan wanted to call, then didn’t.

He’s going? Oh, I cannot wait to tell him that Kieran will be here tonight. That will be great.

Do you think I need to stay for the entire time? I don’t have a cell phone but thought if Kieran and Ethan were together, they would be fine until I pick him back up.

Do you think 10 of eight will be good?

See you tonight!”

“The car’s parked over here, Jake. Time to get lunch and then mommy needs to get back to work.”

2 thoughts on “7/11/17

  1. (found your story on the Teachers Write site)
    What a busy day already. Sure hope things calmed down after …

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