Keeping Traditions


The kids’ grandmother used to plan scavenger hunts for them, especially at Easter.

At first, they would hunt in a small space or in one room, because they were little and she didn’t want to frustrate them.

She would also make sure that each child got a “fair” amount of “loot” – Kieran likes to swoop in just before Mea picks up her bounty, to claim is as his own.

Later, the kids got to hunt across a whole property for plastic eggs filled with coins or the occasional bill.

They loved it.

Then, their grandmother moved away to Utah and the scavenger hunt would only happen once a year, and only in our house because it was too cold or soggy out when they came to visit.

Somehow, my mom’s third husband picked up on their penchant for scavenger hunts and would plan them for when we would visit their house.

When he got sick, I had to remind the kids that he might not have had time to plan a hunt.

There was always one ready, however, to the sheer delight of the kids.

He passed away last spring.

Last summer, Liam got it in his mind that, since he was the oldest, he should take over the responsibility of planning scavenger hunts.

This works well with his brain, to be honest, as he plans a “choose your own adventure” type hunt.

He said the other day, “I have to get working on Kieran’s birthday scavenger hunt. I did it last year. He’ll be disappointed if there isn’t one.”

I love that Liam has stepped up to continue this important family tradition for his siblings.


4 thoughts on “Keeping Traditions

  1. Liam is definitely a thoughtful young man. His thinking of others shows that he knows what is important. Plus, he is keeping tradition alive.

  2. That’s perfect. It is awesome that the tradition developed enough to pass it on to Liam. I’m sure you all will keep it up. I love seeing my daughters carry on some of our traditions when we aren’t able to be there, e.g. the Christmas morning pancake cook off.

    Lovely slice of life today, Aileen.

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