Tourette Syndrome


Tourette Syndrome is when someone doesn’t want to do a certain thing, but sometimes they do it, but they don’t want to do it.

Sometimes it just happens.

My friend was diagnosed with Tourette’s.

Other people had trouble understanding him.

I didn’t.

I even wrote an essay about how it’s important to understand when others have something tough to deal with.

I think that maybe this is like me and Aspergers.

Other students tried to bug him.

When he asked them to stop, they just did whatever was bugging him more or louder.

That’s bullying.

I didn’t do that.

One time, I asked them to stop.

They didn’t listen to me either.

But later, my friend said, “thank you.”

I think he was glad that I told them to stop too.

It’s not fair that they won’t stop doing something that bothers him.

When I am humming and don’t realize it, and he tells me to stop, I do.

It annoys him.

Lots of things annoy me and I like when other people stop doing those things.

Like calling me a nickname, or not paying attention to the teacher, eating slimy foods, or saying things that make others pay attention to me: like my hair, or how tall I am, or what I’m wearing.

It’s being a good friend when you listen to what someone is asking.

This has nothing to do with having Tourette Syndrome.

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