Summer Camps


Each summer, I get to go to two camps.

Two summers ago, I got to go to a math camp and a K’nex camp.

Last summer, I went to Lego camp and cartooning camp.

I created a whole book of cartoons.

I learned about Charles Schultz.

He created the Peanuts cartoons.

My mom got me a lot of Calvin and Hobbes books.

I think they are extremely funny.

There are a few that I don’t think are funny – I don’t actually understand them.

The first camp I went to this summer was a robotics camp.

One of my friends, Johnny, from fifth grade, who was in seminar with me, was there.

The teacher was also a teacher I will have in the middle school.

Johnny and I got to be on a team together.

We completed robot challenges.

We had to make our robot drive into Sonic to get a cheeseburger and drive back out without crashing into anything.

Another time, we had to have our robot drive on a black line through cups, but not crash into the cups.

At the end, we battled robots.

I would go to this camp again.

I had fun.

I went to cartooning camp again too.

This summer, I just drew more and read more comics.

It was fun.

I laughed a lot at the other students’ comics.

They laughed at mine too.

Here is a picture of one of my cartoons:


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