2014-07-22 17.34.30-2.jpgThis year for vacation, we went to San Antonio, Texas.

We went to visit my mom’s family.

They speak Spanish and English.

I was in a Spanish club in third grade after school.

Some people say that I have a good memory and should be able to learn Spanish easily.

I don’t know about that.

I tried to learn Spanish on Duo Lingo.

It’s an app that helps a person learn a language.

The person can earn points and badges.

I like games that let me earn badges.

But after the easy words, I had a hard time getting points.

I kept getting the answers wrong.

I also couldn’t pronounce things very well.

When we were in San Antonio, which was my first time being in the state of Texas (I wrote it down in my journal of places I have visited), it was very hot.

Everyone there kept saying that it was not hot because it was not over 100 degrees.

I disagree.

It was hot to me.

Sometimes, we had to eat food that I didn’t like.

Enchiladas, or tacos, or refried beans.

Guacamole, my mom’s favorite.

I don’t mean to be rude, but no way!

I don’t understand why, when I don’t eat these foods at home, I have to eat them when we are on vacation.

We stayed in a hotel with a pool.

Every afternoon, we would swim.

That was fun.

I made up games to play with my brother and sister.

I also make obstacle courses and timed myself.

We spent time with my mom’s family.

I was named after her uncle.

He’s actually her great uncle.

He’s big.

And loud.

He’s also very nice.

I didn’t always like the food he gave us to eat.

He took us on a ride on his golf cart.

That was fun.

We saw cows and horses.

I don’t like to touch animals though.

They are dirty, so I don’t want to touch them.

We went to Sea World.

I liked the climbing play park they had there.

Most of the time we had to watch shows.

They were really, really boring.

I got hungry and started to feel very upset.

When I don’t eat, my blood sugar drops and I start to feel very upset about everything.

At school, I can eat snacks any time I want.

My mom had the school write it down so it’s official.

When we are not home, sometimes I can get very hungry.

I was also very tired because of how hot it was.

We went into the shade to cool off.

I wanted to lie down – I was so tired.

Mom told me that I could not lie down in public.

She said I had to make my body match everyone else around us.

What if they were not tired, but I was?

How is that fair?

I finally got something to eat.

Eventually, I felt a little better that I could walk around again.

We left early though.

We do that a lot.

I was happy when we got back to the hotel and got to swim in the pool.

I had had enough for that day.

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