Vacation – Brother’s Point of View

2014-07-24 20.05.37.jpg

I was really excited about going to Sea World.

I love animals.

We don’t live anywhere near a Sea World so this would be a great chance to see animals up close that I only see on tv.

We got to see a beluga whale, which I didn’t know could be trained.

Of course, we saw dolphins.

The best part was the orca show.

I really wanted an orca stuffed animal to take home with me, to show my friends that I had been to Sea World.

I’m not sure if Shamu is a boy or a girl.

I’m going to find out!

There was pizza for lunch.

All you can eat.

I also got a huge ice cream, later on, to cool down.

It was a little hot.

We didn’t sit in any splash zones, so we didn’t get to cool down that way.

I thought it would be fun to watch some boat races, but it was too hot out in the sun.

We saw a climbing tower and me and my brother started a competition for who could climb through it the fastest.

I won one time; he won the other.

It was a great day.

Then, we had to go home.

The best part was that we got to go swimming afterward.

The worst part was that I didn’t get a Shamu.

My friends might not believe that I went.

Maybe I can show them some of the pictures my mom took on her phone.

6 thoughts on “Vacation – Brother’s Point of View

  1. It is always exciting when you can see animals you’ve read about/heard about/seen on TV up close and personal. Maybe a picture book comprised of your mom’s pictures and your thoughts would be a great thing to show your friends.

  2. Aileen, I have been enjoying reading your daily posts. I feel like I personally know you and your children! Such a great way to capture these special moments. I particularly like your post today with a change in the point of view.

  3. Aileen,
    This is sweet. It took me down into the post before I figured out who was talking for sure. It was an odd feeling, but good job with the point of view, because I knew it wasn’t you. It is a sweet story of a successful day. As my friend above says, “More, please!”

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