Vacation – Dad’s Point of View

2014-07-25 12.18.04.jpg

Jacob is frustrating to no end.

Here we are, a thousand miles away from home on an expensive vacation and he’s complaining.

He’s bored.

He can’t play his video games.

He’s hungry.

He’s tired.

It’s hot.

All of these things are true, but why can’t he learn to deal with them the same way the rest of us do?

I have Aspergers, too.

I can’t just lie down in public whenever I want to.

He is embarrassing and stubborn.

I just lost it when we were at Sea World.

He just wouldn’t stop complaining and hanging on his mom.

All I ask is that he acts his age.

I don’t know any other eleven-year-olds who act the way he does.

When he started to cry (have a meltdown) because we wouldn’t buy him tokens to play video games at the arcade, I’d had it.

“That’s it!

We’re leaving.”

“But Dad,” the other two kids cried.


Jacob has ruined it for everyone.

We are leaving.

No souvenirs at the gift shop either.”

I was able to calm down later, at the hotel.

My wife took the kids to the pool while I rested.

Why can’t we just enjoy normal things like other families do?

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