I wake earlier than I wanted to.

I fill the extra time by completing small tasks that would have begged my attention throughout the day.

I feel accomplished.

I drive kids here and there; to and fro.

I answer email, much smaller in volume, as I wind down one position and start to think of another.

I text kids in their various places – checking in to see how their days are going.

I read: the Bible, my book; I complete my required DuoLingo lessons.

I make dinner, wash the dishes, and read some more.

I finish a long nonfiction book and write a review.

I choose a shorter book from my TBR pile as a reward for reading something long.

I long for bedtime.

I make sure that everyone is showered, has their teeth brushed, and has completed their tasks for the day.

I look at my calendar and write on my to-do list for tomorrow.

I wake up an hour and fifteen minutes earlier than I needed to.

I complete some tasks before heading out to work.

I run my daughter to camp, make my sons lunch; visit the bank and read.

I enjoy the things that I am doing, but I notice that it sounds like a checklist of life, instead of living…

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