One Last Vacation


We took one more vacation to see my uncle, aunt, and three cousins, with just my mom and sister, to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

When we got there, I was allowed to play video games right away with my cousin who is ten.

We like a lot of the same things.

Except for when she showed me a picture on her mom’s iPad of a boy going to the bathroom.

I didn’t think that was right.

I went downstairs to tell my mom.

“Mom, I think that Nancy showed me something that I wasn’t supposed to see.”

Mom asked me what it was.

I told her what it was because I always tell my mom the truth.

I do this because it is important to tell people the truth.

People can be upset or confused when someone lies to them.

My mom did not get mad at me.

She said it was the right thing to do, to tell her.

It was not something I should be seeing.

She shared that Nancy might not like that I told on her.

She said that she might not want to play with me for a little bit.

But, that didn’t mean that what I did was wrong or that I should not have done it.

That is how people feel when they “get caught” – embarrassed.

Nancy didn’t get too mad at me, that I could tell, anyway.

My family in Oklahoma has a really cool pool.

Nancy and I played “monkey in the middle” in the pool with a splash ball.

Sometimes my sister, mom, and uncle played.

Other times, no one wanted to play and that made me feel frustrated.

My uncle is sometimes sarcastic with me.

I know that sarcasm can be funny.

It is funny on the “Big Bang Theory.”

Some people say that I remind them of a young “Sheldon.”

Once, for Halloween, I dressed up as Sheldon, dressing up as The Flash.

That was funny.

Sometimes, sarcasm can be mean.

Like with kids at school.

One time, my mom said to me, “Thanks for cleaning up,” and I thought she was being sarcastic.

She said she wasn’t and that I hurt her feelings a little bit.

I’m not sure why her feelings were hurt.

I just said that I couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic.

When my uncle is being sarcastic, he is trying to be funny.

I definitely don’t get his jokes.

It sort of feels like he is making fun of me.

My mom says that he loves me, but doesn’t quite understand me because we don’t see him very much.

I guess we don’t understand each other, then.

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