Brothers – (Brother’s Point of View)


My brother is nice.

He is really good at math.

He is very smart.

When my dad cannot help me with my math homework, Jacob always can.

That’s convenient!

I don’t think a lot of his games are fair because he always wins.

Yes, it is his fault if he is good at playing games – if he wants me to keep playing with him.

This one time, when we were playing “Island Chess,” there was this one piece that could not move.

It’s called the bishop.

I didn’t think it was fair that it couldn’t move on land, only water.

I wanted it to be able to move on both.

Jacob made up a “that’s not fair” rule because I said it was not fair.

How was that fair?

I like playing with Jacob and he is a good brother.

But he is not always easy to play with.

We talk about what he wants to talk about most of the time.

He is funny, but sometimes, I just don’t get what he is talking about.

He’s my brother though, so I will always want to be with him.

I miss him when he goes away.

I don’t want to play with anyone else – definitely not my sister!

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