The Second Day of School


Today I spark walked again, and walked with Jenna, who I had not seen since the end of fifth grade.

Jenna is super nice and has always been very helpful to me since third grade.

We didn’t talk about anything special.

It was nice to not have to walk alone on the second day.

I found out that Mickey was in my LA class.

If you remember, he is my best friend.

I also found out that two people I knew really well were in my Social Studies class.

That was good.

All of the people in my math class were the same from last year, except for one new student.

I will be in math class with them until they graduate, but I would only be in eleventh grade.

We’ve gotten to know each other now, so this works out well.

I had P.E. the first day, but we didn’t have to get changed.

We have P.E. the most as an exploratory.

My mom is worried about my changing into gym clothes.

She thinks I will forget my clothes going to or leaving P.E.

Sometimes I will have swimming for P.E. (I didn’t tell her about that yet).

I think I can do it.

I will be fine.

I’m doing a great job of remembering what all of my COLT block activities are: I have chorus, band, and seminar.

I’m keeping it all straight.

The schedule is kind of easy.

I cannot go to my locker during school.

I carry everything with me in one big binder.

I can do this.

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