Foursquare at Lunch


Lunch is a good time of the day unless it’s outdoor recess.

At indoor recess, I can talk about video games with my best friend, or play chess or video games with Mr. Roy.

During outdoor recess we can play basketball, walk, or play foursquare.

Basketball is a little too hard for me.

I am very tall though.

Maybe I will try basketball once I watch it enough and learn some of the rules.

Walking is boring, especially if I spark walk in the morning.

I know a lot about foursquare.

I used to play it, but I stopped in fifth grade because they kept changing the rules.

Instead, I made super hopscotch courses.

That was fun unless people left my chalk that I brought from home out on the field, instead of putting it back.

That really upset me.

We can’t have chalk to play with if they keep leaving it in the grass or around the playground.

This year, kids still play Foursquare, so I thought I would try it.

Each of the elementary schools had their own square.

Each of the schools has a different way of playing.

One day, I went up to the four square block for one of the elementaries I did not attend.

Part way through the game, I thought I would share with them that they were not playing correctly.

I told them they were playing by the wrong rules.

One of the boys said to me, “You can’t tell us how to play, son.”

I don’t like when someone calls me a nickname.

I was just trying to help.

I left the block and sat down.

I was upset.

I started to cry.

My dad says that I shouldn’t cry as a sixth grade boy.

I couldn’t help it.

Then my school counselor came to talk with me.

He suggested that I not play Foursquare for a little while.

I think that is a very good suggestion.

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