How I Ruined My Son’s Fourth Grade Year


Kieran had the great fortune to get assigned the same teacher Liam had when he was in fourth grade.

I just knew that their personalities were matched. Kieran would have a great year.

Until the district needed an ESL teacher. Kieran’s teacher was one of the teachers who held the necessary certification. Moreover, it was a position she was interested in.

She is a wonderful ESL teacher. It was the right move to recommend; she was the advocate and educator who these children needed.

Her whole class was devastated to lose their fourth grade teacher only a few weeks after the school year began.

Kieran’s new teacher was wonderful. She taught him important things that he would have never learned if she had not been his teacher.

But I always wonder, how would the year have gone if Kieran had the teacher whom Liam had, and had enjoyed so much.

Knowing Kieran’s nostalgic streak, he mentioned missing his first teacher more than I would have thought throughout the year. He knew Liam had her during his fourth grade year too.

While it was a great decision as an administrator, that year, I feel like I failed as a mother.

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