I am not an athlete.

I am a mathlete!

But, I am not usually picked for a team in physical education first.

I am tall and very skinny.

I cannot do a pull-up.

I can do eleven push-ups!

My mom told me that when I was little, I was on a baseball team.

I cried when we had to run laps.

Actually, I was so slow in running laps, that when I was going out to the fence, the others were coming back already.

One time I tried to turn around and finish running at the same time as them.

My mom made me turn back and do it right.

I was very unhappy.

The best part of t-ball was drawing pictures in the infield dirt.

I didn’t play after that.

I have liked running a bit more each year.

Sometimes, when I’m bored at my sister’s softball practices and games, I run around the whole field.

This past summer I tried tennis – I liked it too.

I think I might like to go out for cross-country.

I think that running more often could be fun.

This year, I would become a real athlete.

7 thoughts on “Athlete

  1. This was me, is me, as I try to move from the nonathlete, nerdy bookworm days of my childhood into the must-exercise-for-health years of midlife. I’m glad he’s found exercise he enjoys!

  2. It’s funny how the labels we so readily give ourselves limit us and really aren’t the true story. Glad your runner might start to believe he’s an athlete and a mathlete after all!

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