Cross Country


I joined the team two weeks after they had started practicing because I didn’t hear the announcements about it.

After my first race, I fell to the ground – I was so exhausted from running (and walking) that long after such a short amount of practice.

I came in close to last place.

But, I didn’t quit.

My dad asked me to quit.

He didn’t understand why I wanted to run, especially if I was so miserable afterward.

The first few nights after races, I did need to lie down for the rest of the night.

When I’m running though, I don’t think about anything else except my form and my pace.

I am at peace.

I hear my footfalls.

In the distance, I hear people cheering us on.

I see the ground in front of me and my teammates up ahead.

I enjoyed thinking about only the race.

With each race, I improved.

I PRed, which means beat my personal record, almost every time.

Overall, I improved my mile by two minutes, which is good.

At the end of the season, I was awarded “Most Improved Boy.”

I am proud of this accomplishment.

2 thoughts on “Cross Country

  1. Oh, I really love your piece of writing. I love that each thought has it’s only line, giving each idea importance…
    There really is something special about running. Like you said: you don’t think about anything but form and pace. You feel at peace. You hear your footfalls.
    I would add, and this may also be your experience when you run, that running melts your stress away. It sets you free. Gets you into a ‘zone’, a zen. It’s challenging, and rewarding.
    I do wish my knees would allow me to still run and feel that same euphoria you describe in your piece.
    Great job!

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