I always seem to get teachers who really love to assign vocabulary.

In fourth grade, I had to look up each vocabulary word, write the definition, and draw a picture.

That was a lot of work.

I liked drawing the pictures though.

Sometimes I made them funny.

Last year, my teacher gave us Latin and Greek affixes and roots.

These words were hard.

Sometimes I didn’t really study.

When my mom found out that I wasn’t really studying and not doing well on quizzes, she started putting the words online so I could play games while I learned them.

This made learning the words more fun.

I started to do better on my quizzes too.

This year, I have more Latin and Greek affixes and roots.

I have choices how to study the words.

I can write a story with the words in them.

This is hard for me because I am not good at writing creatively.

I can choose to create a crossword puzzle on line.

This is a better choice.

I love puzzles and games.

I can also make a word sort.

I can choose to write the words in sentences.

This is boring.

I like putting my vocabulary words into a comic strip the best.

My mom says that this is creative writing.

She doesn’t understand.

It is creative drawing and captioning.

This is very different from writing a story.

The best one I did was called the “Ject-plane.”



I like it when I can make my own choice on how I study vocabulary.

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