Last year, I learned about Scratch.

It’s a computer programming website.

It taught me the basics of programming.

I’ve made lots of games on Scratch.

I’ve made a Mario game.

An Angry Birds game.

And a bunch of other games.

When I was younger, in fourth grade, I always wanted to learn how to make video games.

Now I know how.

Some people have played my games.

One person favorited my Mario game.

I like doing Scratch in my free time.

It’s more fun than just playing video games because I get to decide how to create it.

I have a say in every detail that goes into the game.

I found out that Scratch was made by this college called MIT.

My mom said that this is a great college.

I might want to go there to meet the people who made Scratch – I think it’s that great.

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