I’ve been playing the clarinet since fourth grade.

I thought it would be a good choice for me since I played the recorder in third grade and earned a black belt in “Recorder Karate.”

I was one of the first in my grade to do this.

By the end, everyone had a black belt.

That was nice.

I really enjoyed playing clarinet in fourth grade.

I also played the cello.

I didn’t like the cello as much.

I didn’t want to practice.

I practiced the clarinet more.

Sometimes, I would just go into my room and play ahead in my clarinet book.

I taught myself the notes.

My dad helped too.

He played clarinet when he was in school.

I chose not to play the cello in fifth grade.

So, my mom wanted me to play the alto sax so I could be in the brass jazz band when I was older.

Clarinets cannot play in this band because they are woodwind instruments.

But I didn’t really like playing the saxophone.

I understood the notes.

It took a lot of air to play it and I always felt tired afterward.

One good effect was that it helped me with my clarinet playing.

I played stronger.

I like playing trills.

I learned how to play them from You Tube.

I just searched how to play them, and there were lots of videos to show me how.

In the beginning of sixth grade, we had to practice scales all of the time.

I liked doing this.

It made me think about math.

I love math.

I am the only boy who plays the clarinet.

Another boy plays the bass clarinet.

That’s a different instrument.

I don’t mind that I am the only boy.

I think that I am good at playing the clarinet and I like it.

That is what matters most.

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