Cross Country


I joined the team two weeks after they had started practicing because I didn’t hear the announcements about it.

After my first race, I fell to the ground – I was so exhausted from running (and walking) that long after such a short amount of practice.

I came in close to last place.

But, I didn’t quit.

My dad asked me to quit.

He didn’t understand why I wanted to run, especially if I was so miserable afterward.

The first few nights after races, I did need to lie down for the rest of the night.

When I’m running though, I don’t think about anything else except my form and my pace.

I am at peace.

I hear my footfalls.

In the distance, I hear people cheering us on.

I see the ground in front of me and my teammates up ahead.

I enjoyed thinking about only the race.

With each race, I improved.

I PRed, which means beat my personal record, almost every time.

Overall, I improved my mile by two minutes, which is good.

At the end of the season, I was awarded “Most Improved Boy.”

I am proud of this accomplishment.

Family and Consumer Science


One of my exploratory classes is FCS: Family and Consumer Science.

This is not a class that I am going to like.

Food usually grosses me out.

It’s slimy, like bananas, or yogurt.

I move away from people who are eating these foods at lunch.

Also, I don’t know anything about cooking, unless I can count waffles in a toaster oven or a soft pretzel in the microwave.

My teacher must have talked to Mr. Roy because she was really understanding.

She assigned me some nice seventh grade students to work with.

I was the dishwasher for our first project: pizza.

I could handle that.

The food in the sink was a little disgusting.

My dad says this at home too.

The second thing we made was applesauce puffs.

For this project, I only had to measure ingredients.

I was good at this because I’m great at math.

I tried some of the puff because there were no ingredients in it that I didn’t like or that I didn’t like together.

It was really good.

I brought some of this home for my mom to try, I was so proud of it.

It got a little smushed in my backpack on the way home, but still tasted good.

My teacher kept encouraging me to try new things.

One time, we learned about kale.

It’s the healthiest vegetable.

I don’t like many vegetables, but I thought I would try a kale chip.

It was good.

FCS class was really fun after all.



I am not an athlete.

I am a mathlete!

But, I am not usually picked for a team in physical education first.

I am tall and very skinny.

I cannot do a pull-up.

I can do eleven push-ups!

My mom told me that when I was little, I was on a baseball team.

I cried when we had to run laps.

Actually, I was so slow in running laps, that when I was going out to the fence, the others were coming back already.

One time I tried to turn around and finish running at the same time as them.

My mom made me turn back and do it right.

I was very unhappy.

The best part of t-ball was drawing pictures in the infield dirt.

I didn’t play after that.

I have liked running a bit more each year.

Sometimes, when I’m bored at my sister’s softball practices and games, I run around the whole field.

This past summer I tried tennis – I liked it too.

I think I might like to go out for cross-country.

I think that running more often could be fun.

This year, I would become a real athlete.

How I Ruined My Son’s Fourth Grade Year


Kieran had the great fortune to get assigned the same teacher Liam had when he was in fourth grade.

I just knew that their personalities were matched. Kieran would have a great year.

Until the district needed an ESL teacher. Kieran’s teacher was one of the teachers who held the necessary certification. Moreover, it was a position she was interested in.

She is a wonderful ESL teacher. It was the right move to recommend; she was the advocate and educator who these children needed.

Her whole class was devastated to lose their fourth grade teacher only a few weeks after the school year began.

Kieran’s new teacher was wonderful. She taught him important things that he would have never learned if she had not been his teacher.

But I always wonder, how would the year have gone if Kieran had the teacher whom Liam had, and had enjoyed so much.

Knowing Kieran’s nostalgic streak, he mentioned missing his first teacher more than I would have thought throughout the year. He knew Liam had her during his fourth grade year too.

While it was a great decision as an administrator, that year, I feel like I failed as a mother.

Foursquare at Lunch


Lunch is a good time of the day unless it’s outdoor recess.

At indoor recess, I can talk about video games with my best friend, or play chess or video games with Mr. Roy.

During outdoor recess we can play basketball, walk, or play foursquare.

Basketball is a little too hard for me.

I am very tall though.

Maybe I will try basketball once I watch it enough and learn some of the rules.

Walking is boring, especially if I spark walk in the morning.

I know a lot about foursquare.

I used to play it, but I stopped in fifth grade because they kept changing the rules.

Instead, I made super hopscotch courses.

That was fun unless people left my chalk that I brought from home out on the field, instead of putting it back.

That really upset me.

We can’t have chalk to play with if they keep leaving it in the grass or around the playground.

This year, kids still play Foursquare, so I thought I would try it.

Each of the elementary schools had their own square.

Each of the schools has a different way of playing.

One day, I went up to the four square block for one of the elementaries I did not attend.

Part way through the game, I thought I would share with them that they were not playing correctly.

I told them they were playing by the wrong rules.

One of the boys said to me, “You can’t tell us how to play, son.”

I don’t like when someone calls me a nickname.

I was just trying to help.

I left the block and sat down.

I was upset.

I started to cry.

My dad says that I shouldn’t cry as a sixth grade boy.

I couldn’t help it.

Then my school counselor came to talk with me.

He suggested that I not play Foursquare for a little while.

I think that is a very good suggestion.



I pack lunch.

I have always packed lunch.

I eat the same thing every day: PBJ (strawberry jelly only), applesauce (cinnamon only), an apple juice pouch, and varying crackers (Wheat Thins, Cheez Its, Club crackers).

I used to eat Goldfish, but I think they might be for younger kids.

I can eat them at home.

The first day of lunch, an adult in the cafeteria made me take a tray.

I told her I don’t get school lunch.

She said I had to take a tray anyway.

I didn’t understand.

I didn’t take a tray when I was in elementary school or last year in this building for fifth grade.

Why did I have to take a tray when I wasn’t going to eat the school lunch?

I pack a lunch from home.

She didn’t know the answer and asked me to do it anyway.

I asked my friends if they knew why.

They didn’t seem too interested in the tray.

They all had trays.

I asked the same cafeteria worker the next day why I had to take the tray.

She still didn’t give me an answer that I understood.

I am getting a little frustrated by having to take it when I don’t need it or use it.

Finally, my mom said the principal talked to her and the reason I had to take the tray was to keep down on the mess.

Three grades of about 900 kids total have to eat in the cafeteria each day.

This made sense.

I wish the cafeteria worker had just told me that.

I would have understood better.

I eat lunch with Mickey and some other people who I don’t know.

My mom keeps asking me who I eat lunch with.

I tell her I don’t know.

She asked if I eat with any girls.

I tell her I really don’t know.

Mickey and I talk about video games at lunch.

Sometimes we draw.

I don’t always go to lunch in the cafeteria.

Sometimes I have to meet with Mr. Roy.

When Mr. Roy and I have lunch together, we sometimes play chess or talk about video games.

One day, my sandwich was missing from my lunch.

I went to the office and they called my mom.

She had pretzels in her office that she brought to me.

When I got back to the cafeteria, everyone I usually sat with was gone.

I was going to sit by myself to eat, but then someone who said they knew me said I could sit them.

That was really nice.

I wish I remembered how I knew her.

One other time, I got a nosebleed at lunch.

I went to the nurse with my lunch, until my nose stopped bleeding.

The nurse lets me eat my lunch there.

My mom came down to see if I was okay.

I was.

Then, I went to class.

Lunch is a good time to relax and talk about things I want to talk about, instead of school stuff.

The Second Day of School


Today I spark walked again, and walked with Jenna, who I had not seen since the end of fifth grade.

Jenna is super nice and has always been very helpful to me since third grade.

We didn’t talk about anything special.

It was nice to not have to walk alone on the second day.

I found out that Mickey was in my LA class.

If you remember, he is my best friend.

I also found out that two people I knew really well were in my Social Studies class.

That was good.

All of the people in my math class were the same from last year, except for one new student.

I will be in math class with them until they graduate, but I would only be in eleventh grade.

We’ve gotten to know each other now, so this works out well.

I had P.E. the first day, but we didn’t have to get changed.

We have P.E. the most as an exploratory.

My mom is worried about my changing into gym clothes.

She thinks I will forget my clothes going to or leaving P.E.

Sometimes I will have swimming for P.E. (I didn’t tell her about that yet).

I think I can do it.

I will be fine.

I’m doing a great job of remembering what all of my COLT block activities are: I have chorus, band, and seminar.

I’m keeping it all straight.

The schedule is kind of easy.

I cannot go to my locker during school.

I carry everything with me in one big binder.

I can do this.

The First Day of School


On the first day of middle school, I got to stay home longer in the morning than my brother and sister.

Their school starts about an hour before mine.

When I’m at home until it’s time to go to school, I play with my toys, draw, or read.

It’s very nice having this quiet time at home to play before school.

When I go to school early, we “spark walk.”

What that means is that we walk the perimeter of the school until the bell rings.

Then we go to our lockers.

I spark walked a little bit on the first day.

My mom wanted me to find someone to walk with.

I like the company, but it’s kind of hard to stand around, while everyone else is walking by, to wait for someone that I know.

I also don’t mind walking by myself.

I get a lot of steps on my pedometer too.

When the bell rang, I went to my homeroom, 108.

We got our schedules and our lockers.

My locker is #171.

I opened it on the second try.

We played “get to know you” games so we would know the new people in our classes.

Four elementary schools are now in one building.

I remember the layout of the school from last year, which was very helpful, because I was in the purple hallway for all of fifth grade, while our elementary was under construction.

The yellow hallway was new to me though.

That’s where most of my Team 2 classes are: Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.

Because I take math with seventh grade, I’m the only sixth grader that has class upstairs in the upper yellow hallway.

Every sixth grader has a class in the upper orange hallway.

FCS: the Family and Consumer Science hallway.

The seventh graders have FCS in the upper red hallway – that’s where I took FCS.

My schedule works out so I take one exploratory with sixth graders and one with seventh graders.

This is so I can take seventh grade math.

Tomorrow we will start going to all of the teachers and learning about our classes.

Today, we learned about the school, our agenda book, and school rules.

The school rules are fine with me because they keep everyone safe.

They are the same as the rules I have had for most of my time in school.

My homeroom teacher, who will eventually be my Science teacher in the second semester, was very nice.

I cannot wait until school really starts.

Brothers – (Brother’s Point of View)


My brother is nice.

He is really good at math.

He is very smart.

When my dad cannot help me with my math homework, Jacob always can.

That’s convenient!

I don’t think a lot of his games are fair because he always wins.

Yes, it is his fault if he is good at playing games – if he wants me to keep playing with him.

This one time, when we were playing “Island Chess,” there was this one piece that could not move.

It’s called the bishop.

I didn’t think it was fair that it couldn’t move on land, only water.

I wanted it to be able to move on both.

Jacob made up a “that’s not fair” rule because I said it was not fair.

How was that fair?

I like playing with Jacob and he is a good brother.

But he is not always easy to play with.

We talk about what he wants to talk about most of the time.

He is funny, but sometimes, I just don’t get what he is talking about.

He’s my brother though, so I will always want to be with him.

I miss him when he goes away.

I don’t want to play with anyone else – definitely not my sister!



My brother is two years younger than I am.

He lets me sleep on his floor of his bedroom on weekends.

My bedroom is downstairs.

On the weekends, it’s like having a sleepover, which is fun.

We both like Angry Birds and Star Wars.

He means a lot to me because we always have each other to play with.

It’s great to have someone that understands my games, most of the time.

Sometimes we fight.

He says that my games are not fair.

In math, I learned that the definition of “a fair game” is that everyone has the same chance of winning.

Therefore, my games are fair.

Sometimes he makes rules on his turn that makes him win immediately.

That’s not fair to me.

When I make a new rule, I do it on his turn to make sure that it’s fair.

After we fight, we get separated and video games are taken away.

But, we usually start playing together again after a few minutes.

We really like playing together, even if we sometimes fight.