P. E.


Today in physical education, we were playing block ball.

I got hit in the glasses with the ball because someone cherry bombed it.

That means they slammed it very hard.

That’s against the rules we were playing with.

It didn’t really hurt, but I just got my new glasses and the nose pieces got bent.

The person who did the cherry bomb got out because they slammed it.

I was glad that they followed the rules.

I went to the nurse to get my glasses fixed.

She told me that she didn’t want to bend them too much, but got them so that I could wear them again.

I went back to PE.

We were playing volleyball.

I tried my hardest, but I think I heard one of the players on my team say, “The reason we are losing is because of Jacob.”

I was upset to hear this because I was trying my hardest and taking the games seriously.

I don’t understand why he felt that way or said something like this.

He wasn’t thinking about how this would make me feel.

Eventually, I got over what he said.

Sort of.

Thankfully, we are not playing volleyball in PE anymore.

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