Books I Feel Like Abandoning, Sort Of


I am reading a book right now.

It started out really good.

I usually like nonfiction and adventure books.

This one is a “relationship” book.

I like learning about other people.

My friends book-talked it in class, so I am reading it.

It’s what I call a “pity party” book, though.

What I mean by this is that the main character starts to go through a bad time in the book and everything goes wrong for them.

I feel uncomfortable focusing so much on the problems that other people have.

I also don’t like it when everything goes wrong for the main character in the book.

I feel helpless and sometimes I dream like it’s happening to me – the events in the book.

This makes me feel depressed.

I don’t always abandon these types of books though.

For instance, I kept reading Wonder and Fish in a Tree and they are among my favorite books.

I guess it’s hard for me to focus on emotions and bullying for so long.

I will be very glad when the character in this book finds a way to “solve his problem.”

Or his friends make him forget about his troubles.

This might not be the way it always happens in real life, but it makes it feel like a better ending.

4 thoughts on “Books I Feel Like Abandoning, Sort Of

  1. I completely agree… it is always difficult to feel the pain, but I stick with it to see what happens. Sometimes the ending isn’t “happy” but I do think the character learns something and is still stronger somehow. Those books are the hardest for me. Thank you for sharing your perspective.

  2. Hi Aileen, I like how you wrote this in a free verse poetry sort of way. It made me wonder if you were channeling a student’s voice or your own. I love your expression “pity party books.” I think our 5th graders would love this post. Mind if I share it?

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