March 14 is Einstein’s birthday.

It is also Pi Day.

I like celebrating this day because it’s a way to commemorate the discovery of Pi.

Pi is important in math because it’s how you find measurements on circles, cylinders, and spheres.

I like Pi Day because it’s close to my birthday.

I like math and it keeps the celebrating going for a little bit longer.

Mom got me a Pi Day shirt for this year because it is a special date that happens once in a century: 3/14/15.

The first five digits of Pi are 3.1415.

Get it?

I think this is funny.

The shirt is red, which used to be my favorite color.

Kids in school ask me if I’m going to wear my shirt on Pi Day.

I tell them, yes.

It’s the one day of the year, where I can share my love of math with others.

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