Math Project


Now I have a math project to do as well.

I like math, so I don’t mind doing this project so much.

I have two other partners to work with on this project.

I am creating the game.

Kevin is writing the questions to play the game.

Aiden is writing the answers.

I used Scratch to create the game.

I made it look like Monopoly, but with all math chance cards.

Sometimes the player has to answer a math question to buy a property too.

I worked on it for a whole week, for about three hours each night.

I was really happy with it.

When my team worked in class, they liked it and seemed to be working on their parts.

Only, the day before the project was due (Monday), I still didn’t have more than three questions from my partner, and no answers.

I started to get upset.

I realized that what I could do is just make up the questions and the answers.

That would be fun and good practice.

It took me all day, but I finished it.

I wasn’t mad at my partners.

I just wanted to finish the work.

When I got to school to present on Monday, the other two students had their work done.

They didn’t realize that I was going to write the questions into the program.

I guess it would have helped to let them know that.

We did well and everyone liked our game.

We played it twice.

I still play it sometimes, when I have computer time.

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