How I Solved the Language Arts Project Problem


My teacher emailed my mom about how upset I was about the book project.

I guess I am glad that she did.

I didn’t get in trouble.

But I had to think more about the book and project, which I didn’t want to do.

My mom asked which book I wouldn’t mind talking about.

I told her that I liked Pay It Forward.

She asked me to think about what the main character would say about his story if he was telling someone about it that hadn’t read it.

This seemed easier to do than write about what the character thought about his book, which he might not even know he was in because he was living the story.

Also, because Trevor was not an old character or one that was in a fantasy book, I could easily dress up as him with my regular clothes.

Also, he rode his bike in the book.

I have a bike.

Two props down.

I wrote like my mom told me to and the summary turned out good.

Except that I made sure not to ruin the ending.

I really hate when other people ruin the ending of something for me.

I walk out of the room if we are watching a movie and someone tries to tell me what’s going to happen at the end.

I still did not want to dress up in front of the class.

I also did not want to talk in front of the class.

Just thinking about having to dress up and talk in front of the class made me feel very anxious.

I didn’t think I could do it.

My mom told me to ask my teacher if I could videotape myself dressing up and talking like the character.

I thought I could probably do that.

That was definitely better than standing up in front of the class, dressed up as Trevor, trying to talk like him.

The only problem was I wanted to use the whiteboard at school as the third prop so I could write down the formula for paying it forward that Trevor wrote for his class to understand how it worked.

Then I remembered that I had a whiteboard in my bedroom.

It was a gift from my grandmom for my birthday.

I hated to have to erase some of my work that was on the whiteboard.

I have been working on a few math problems and games for a while.

But if it meant not standing up in front of the class dressed as Trevor, talking like I was him, it would be worth it.

The video turned out good.

My teacher played it in class and I got a good grade on it.

Everyone clapped.

I was glad that she could be flexible like I am always asked to be.

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