I love playing Monopoly.

I don’t get to play it that often because no one in my family likes to play it very much.

They say that it takes too long and that it’s boring.

I don’t think it’s boring.

In fact, I created two more levels to my Monopoly game (which is the Mario version).

I created 44 more properties for my game.

I also had to create more Chance and Community Chest cards and ways to get up and down to the other levels.

There are properties that cost more than Boardwalk.

There are spaces that change the direction you can move.

I’ve named all of the new properties after things I like, such as: Old Forty Foot Road, Banner Street.

I like some of the new rules I’ve made for my game.

If you pass a transit, if you have rolled an even number, you will move up or down to a different level.

There’s a Chance card that makes double rent, which makes the highest property’s highest rent $6000.

When I think about all that I’ve added to my game, it could be complicated.

Here is what my new board looks like:


I guess I could see how to some people, the board is confusing.

To me, it’s very exciting and I always want to play!

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