Show Choir


I tried out for show choir at the end of the year.

For the first round of tryouts, I had to learn a song in about 30 minutes and then sing it by myself for the director.

I found out the day after that I did a good job at singing and made it to the second round of tryouts.

For the second round, which was held the next day, I had to learn a dance and perform it to music with other students.

I have never done anything like that before.

First, I don’t dance.

Second, I don’t dance to music.

Third, I’ve never danced with other people at the same time.

Fourth, I’ve never danced the same dance with other people, except at the end of fourth and fifth grade when we had to learn a dance for field day.

I didn’t mind that because every fourth and fifth grader learned the same dance.

I stood in the back so no one could see me.

I wouldn’t even show the dance to my family beforehand because I was embarrassed.

The people on my dance team were very friendly.

They tried to help me.

I didn’t make it past the second round.

I won’t be in show choir in seventh grade.

I’m okay with that because I tried out and I think that took a lot of courage.

That’s more than I would have done at the end of fifth grade.

Besides, maybe I will have other things to do next year, and I won’t even mind not being in show choir.

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