Last Day of School


We didn’t do much the last day of school.

We watched movies, played video games, and talked with our classmates.

It was a really good year, but I am looking forward to summer.

I usually don’t look forward to summer because it’s pretty boring.

But I have a lot of games I want to play and things I want to do this summer.

I will miss my teachers.

They were very nice to me.

I think that sixth grade was a good year.

I even got a “student of the month” award in May.

That was very nice of my teachers to think of me for the award.

I hope that I have a great summer and seventh grade goes as well as sixth grade did.

I think it will.

I think that my school is great.

My mom says that I have grown since last summer.

I am 2.7 inches taller than I was this time last year.

But I know that’s not what she meant.

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