Knowing What She Needed


We are not allowed to request a teacher in our district, which is a wise practice.

But I did share with Mea’s first grade teachers that I still felt that she should have a structured classroom in order to help her stay focused with her behaviors.

She benefitted greatly from such a classroom.

Did Mea always behave well? No.

One time she threw a note at her reading teacher, saying, Here.

Another time, she led two other kids to belittle a child.

But the teacher was on top of it the whole time.

One time, she was specifically told not to play with a “tooth necklace” holding a tooth that had come out during the day.

Did she listen? Nope.

She lost the tooth and the necklace.

In library once, she slammed down a computer.

In another class, she talked the whole time the teacher was giving directions.

Throughout the year, her teachers gave her room to grow, as well as rules to follow to help her (and others) stay safe.

And she grew: as a reader, as a classmate, and as someone who could better manage her behaviors during class, and get her energy out when it was appropriate to do so.

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