Keeping Her Busy – Sports

softball team 2014

After a great first season with a wonderful coach, and a second season with me as her coach, it seemed clear that Mea benefitted from playing sports, specifically softball.

She could get her “sillies” out in a positive way, although she had to make sure that she was being safe and listening when instructions were being given.

She’s good enough to be received well by the other girls on the team. During the second season, she was one of the oldest. It seemed to help her to be thought of as a leader to the younger girls. She liked leading stretches and being good at what she was doing.

The fall of her third grade year, therefore, we signed her up for fall ball. Since the spring had been a bit easy, we thought she could use the “stretch” of playing with older girls.

In some ways, this was a good decision. She learned to develop a love for catching and caught “kid pitch” during this season.

At the same time, there is a distinct difference between third and fifth grade children. And Mea is on the “young” side of her grade, with a summer birthday and her personality.

She sat out a lot – which happens. While all of the other girls got nicknames, she didn’t. Sometimes, she practiced until after dark, which was “new” to us as the boys didn’t play sports in older grades.

While not the best experience, she did grow as a player. She developed some bad habits as there was an expectation that she already know how to do certain skills. We definitely got a taste for what it would be like to play at a more competitive level (while still being in elementary school 😉

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