Stretched by WEB


At the end of seventh grade, Liam found out that he would be a WEB leader throughout his 8th grade year.

Of all of Liam’s math and TSA awards, his accomplishments as a musician, and his perseverance as a runner, I was especially proud of his being chosen for WEB.

WEB leaders are 8th graders who mentor 6th graders.

While Liam chose “academic” mentoring, he was still required to do a lot of “social” interaction.

He had to make phone calls to students who were not able to attend the first day of 6th grade (before school started).

We planned out what he would say, in Sheldon-like fashion:

At other times, he would ask his guidance counselor for advice about when to “follow” up to see how his students were doing, what he could talk with them about, or how to offer advice.

We all had to admit that he took his responsibility seriously and had a great time being a part of a “popular” group of his peers while helping guide the youngest members of the building in the best way he knew how.

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