Bumpy Start to MS


Since we moved when Kieran was in first grade, things for Kieran, socially, had drastically changed.

He never found a new best friend and felt that the “popular,” aka sporty boys in his grade, especially in fourth and fifth grade, didn’t like him because he liked math and music, and didn’t play football.

He was ready for a new group of friends and was looking forward to starting middle school.

Yet, middle school didn’t start quite the way he had hoped.

The sixth graders kept asking him if that tall WEB leader was his brother.

Teachers would occasionally (which to hear him tell it, constantly) called him Little Hower or Liam’s brother.

While Liam was having a great final year of middle school, Kieran was struggling.

Within the first few weeks of school Kieran “lost” his lunch table because the group of girls he was sitting with were making fun of one of their peers who had been asking for their left-overs. Kieran told the girls to stop and was uninvited from the table.

We encouraged Kieran to find activities that Liam had not done: student council, for example, with the potential for new friends.

Yet, as he tried to help at the first StuCo dance, he actually had a meltdown. He was overwhelmed and confused.

I am happy to report that things settled down and he started to find his way, even having a kid that seemed especially intent on giving him a hard time at the start of the year, back off right before the holidays.

He found a new best friend and a table to sit at during lunch.

He found more activities, like Minecraft Club, to get involved with and started to develop his own identity within the building.

This year, his teachers who knew him last year shared that they thought Liam being at the HS has improved Kieran’s experience at the middle school.

While I will talk about Kieran in seventh grade soon, sixth grade was a long, but eventually positive year with new friends and experiences that encouraged Kieran to be himself once again.

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