The Start of a Tough Year

Dog park

Third grade for Mea was definitely when we saw her behaviors change.

She started to argue more with the boys.

She started to act differently when adults that knew her were not around.

For example, one day when her teacher was absent, she and classmates went into the bathroom and splashed water on the mirrors repeatedly until they were caught.

We didn’t always know how to create an appropriate consequence for her actions.

Of course, we had her apologize.

We implemented a consequence at home.

But she didn’t seem too upset by what she had done or the result at home.

We were stuck between not wanting to treat something silly too seriously but had never had one of the boys act this way before.

We started to talk with school counselors and others who could help us understand what was going on.

We felt like we were failing her because we didn’t understand what was causing her to act this way or how to help her stop.

We are still in this place, although we better understand some things…. the situation goes on.

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