Proving Them (and me) Wrong


This is a memory that showed up in my social media feed: “I’m remembering when we first learned about Liam’s Autism and his 3-4 yr. daycare placement told me they would not move him in with his age peers because he didn’t have all the necessary skills; he’s the only brown belt in class today with jr. black belts and black belts and he’s soaking everything up, learning a ton of new moves, and his teachers are guiding him and not holding him back. So proud of him right now – he’s trying hard and not giving up.”

Moreover, in his 8th grade year, the only math he had the opportunity to take was over at the high school. In the fall he took Honors Algebra II; in the spring, Honors Pre-Calculus.

The principal at the time said, he would really need to understand how hard these classes would be at the high school.

I was worried that he would: not understand the schedule, get lost in the hallways of the high school, somehow have something terrible happen to him while he crossed the street over to the high school, be bullied, not have friends, etc., etc., etc.

And he proved us all wrong, once again.

He even started to inform both sets of teachers (MS and HS) when his schedule would be changed (instead of them telling him). He only forgot to go over one time. As soon as it happened, he sat in the MS guidance office to complete his work, after emailing an apology to his teacher.

Another time, he patiently waited in the high school guidance office while the building was on lock-down (while I panicked in my office across the street).

We owe a ton of thanks to his incredible counselor and seminar teacher for figuring out how to make the schedule work.

I am in awe of this kid who constantly exceeds our highest expectations for him.

P.S. – The picture is of him from this weekend performing three, three-hour concerts in five different ensembles, with 13 different songs.

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