Liam Does Get Mad


Liam is such an easy-going, compliant child, that it’s hard to imagine that he gets mad.

But it happens.

I’ve learned to help him through such times, as his emotions often come on intensely.

He will fly down the steps after Kieran says something insulting to him (mostly because he is not doing what Kieran wants).

He will fling his hands to his face and crumple to the ground if he gets yelled at for a reason he does not understand.

Sometimes, he cries – he is so upset about what has happened.

I use logic to bring him back into balance.

I guide him to breathe – to focus on something other than what happened and what he has heard.

I ask him: What are you feeling?

What do you want to say?

Sometimes, I even ask him to show forgiveness to a situation or person who didn’t realize they were being mean.

It doesn’t happen in public – he saves these emotions for his safe place – home.

Maybe it happens at home more often because this is where he is more likely to take things more personally or show us his honest feelings.

His quiet and calm exterior does not mean that he cannot be hurt.

Or that he does not have moments of, what the boys call, “rage” when he has been wronged.

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