Standing Up


This past summer, Mea started to go to camp at her new elementary school to get to know a few kids before she started attending in August.

While Mea gets along with most anyone, one kid was different.

He had trouble getting along with all of the other kids.

Mea was no exception.

One day, she came home wanting to talk.

She said that during a playground game, this kid said to her that she couldn’t get him “out” because she was black.

This was the first time that anyone had negatively commented on her race before.

This was a big moment – I searched in my head for words that would help her and let her know how wrong he was.

I asked, what did you say?

She had said, first, I’m brown. Second, you’re out anyway.


I was so thankful for her strength and that all of her talking back was paying off.

We talked about how she felt and why that boy might say something like that, and that no matter what, he was very wrong to have said it.

I asked if she had any questions and if she was okay.

She said that she felt good for not letting him get her down.

Good girl!

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